Hi I’m Vanessa, the Lady Boss who runs this shop!
I started this business because I wanted to provide attainable, curated-collections for ladies like me who want to elevate their wardrobes without compromising quality.
I started my career in retail a little over 7 years ago, and spent the past 5 and half years managing women’s apparel for a large retailer. I learned sooo much throughout my time there but, ultimately, I felt I was ready for a new challenge, which is how we got here!
About a year ago I started researching what it would take to own and operate my own boutique, I learned right away it would not be easy. But when I found myself still thinking about it a year later, I told myself it was time to give it a shot!
My mission is to create a fashion destination for women, and to empower them to be the best versions of themselves and whatever “Ladylike” means to them.
I’m so excited to continue to grow and eventually open up my own shop. For now, stay tuned!